Make Love Your Aim

Outreach, Mission, Worship, Gatherings, Youth Programs,

Community, Stewardship, Discipleship! 


Welcome to Glen Avon Presbyterian Church!

The family of Glen Avon Church invites you to come inside and make this Place, this Family, YOURS.  Church Services, Worship Services, Sunday School, Family Ministry, Service Opportunities, Mission Work - find it all at Glen Avon.

Glen Avon Presbyterian Church - Duluth, MN

Experience the Gracious, Active Presence of Christ

Sunday Schedule

Sunday School - 8:45

Worship - 10:00

Fellowship - 11:00


Trunk or Treat October 28th - 3pm


RRR First and Third Wednesdays - 5pm

RRR - October 17th - 5PM

Dinner and Horse Therapy For ALL!!